Dear listeners, I am happy with the kind of response that you have given to the idea of streaming radio online. Thank you all for your love and support. The primary theme behind this idea is [ Feel Home ]. Hope you are feeling it.
For a better listening experience use Firefox or Chrome browser.
I welcome bricks and bats if you have any grievance with VoiceVibes.    - Raj
Note: This site does not require you to signup. If it asks for a password then your connection must be slow or a firewall or a proxy in your network is not allowing it to connect. If everything is ok then try clicking again, it should work.

Update [Dec 08 2012]:
Well, VoiceVibes is back with a bit of improvement in stream quality after major changes in the backend. You might experience stream outages and disturbances for the next few days while I am working to improve this.
Due to added limitations to the Firefox browser which doesn't play mp3 anymore I had to resort to ogg stream with vorbis encoding. On the other hand the MS IE browser and smart phones doesn't play ogg, hence I had to leave the mp3 as is and streaming each of the stations in both the formats. With this the CPU utilization has increased tremendously and hence unable to stream all the stations at this moment. I cannot increase the machines to stream at the source as it invites more UPS backup and lightning surge protectors which happened earlier through radio antennas.
Finally, the smart phones don't play the stream automatically anymore and this happens in iOS version 5 and later; hence we have to press the play button 3 seconds after selecting the station. Stay tuned, feel home and let me know if you find issues.